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Automatical exchange-trading bot

up to +125 randomized hourly profit

General exchange-trading rules

Your random hourly earnings:

3.05% - 5.2% hourly

Total daily earnings percentage:

110% - 125%

Total duration time:

24 - 36 hours

Withdraw regulation:

instant payments

Deposit calculation example

For example, you deposited $100. Our system randomly selects a number between interval of 110 and 125 daily profit, as well as a random number in interval of 24 and 36 hours deposit term (inclusive). For example, this is 110% daily profit in 24 hours. After that system count your deposit clear profit from hourly earnings = 110%/24 hours=4.583%. So this is means that you deposited $100 and will get $4.583 (=4.583%) every hour until you get $110(=110% daily) of total profit.

  • Every deposit has its own random profit and term value (every time different).
  • Deposit principal included in earnings and not refundable.

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